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Bye to an Old Friend


Long gone is the 175, 150, 125, 100, and 75 watt incandescent light bulbs. In two weeks (January 1, 2014) the remaining the 60 and 40 are also gone from this country thanks to President Bush. Illegal it will be to manufacture or import incandescent light bulbs. Outwardly this seems like a good thing after all it saves energy and is good for every one. Perhaps not. One has to ask at what cost? Be wary of what the future brings. Sure there will be energy savings but this will more than likely upset the supply and demand structure so with less demand the supply cost will go up. This however is the mundane of the nefarious of issues. Others include but are not limited to;


  1. Headaches
  2. Migraines
  3. Eye Strain
  4. Eye Discomfort


  1. interfere with circadian rhythms
  2. suppress melatonin production causing cancer


  1. light sensitivity
  2. autism
  3. epilepsy
  4. lupus
  5. chronic fatigue syndrome
  6. Lyme disease
  7. vertigo
  8. diabetes
  1. There is ultraviolet radiation risk
  2. potential vitamin D depletion


  1. mercury

What is the cost of the incandescent to cfl conversion? It seems the energy savings is not worth the human and other more devastating environmental consequences. I am not making this up. Anyone can do their own research and discover for themselves. This information has been discussed for at least 2 decades. Check it out. Lets briefly talk about mercury. One cfl can contaminate up to 6,000 gallons of water beyond safe levels. What have we not learned from Japans mercury debacle? Everyone has to be careful about the fish and quantity that they eat. Heavy metal poisoning besides death, visual, and neurological issues can cause mental impairment. So what nefarious thing is happening here? Is there a long term plan to dumb down people who have widely shared their information in ways unimaginable just 30 years ago via the internet? The rich and powerful can afford water filtration methods that the masses cannot. This could limit those who attempt to spread information intelligently through the internet to the masses. Abilities could be hindered. Clear, cohesive arguments, thoughts and facts could be distorted. Paranoia or cautious? Only time will tell, but perhaps by then we will not be able to tell the difference.


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