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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

Just remember while you have had your Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed time with family and friends, then go shopping, most who work retail do not have that luxury because they have to work ten to twelve hours today. The bottom line is that they do not get paid much and deserve your thanks, courtesy, and respect with common decency thrown in because they had to give up everything that you were allowed to enjoy today. They are not even allowed to receive the same deals that you get today.

Next year think about others and not yourself. Decide not to go shopping on Thanksgiving to send a message to retailers so that these employees might someday in the future be able to enjoy the amenities of fellowship and family on this day like everyone else.


By the way it should be called black Thursday or black Thanksgiving but they will never do that because it is a psychological thing. If they call it by the proper name people will know that they are messing with others holiday, this way (black Friday) it is detached.

God Bless


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