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Justice for All?

A spouse breaks in to the estranged spouses house. Demands $30,000 while brandishing a gun, hatchet, and wearing a bullet proof vest. Also destroys a computer. What do you think the perpetrator should receive in sentencing especially after a plea of guilty? Twenty years? Fifteen? Ten? Not even close. The sentence was four, yes four months.

I suppose that when a woman, Anna Benson commits a domestic crime against her estranged partner it just is not taken very seriously. I mean really, burglary, trespass, attempted robbery, extortion, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, assault, home invasion, and probably a few more crimes were committed but four months was considered a reasonable sentence. This is a clear cut case of female discount.

This is not an unfamiliar situation, it happens all the time with women who rape their students and break orders of protection against these protected boys. This is just one other example. The truly sad thing is that she seems unchanged by her time in jail. Now she is going to do the talk show circuit starting with Dr. Phil. I thought there were laws in place that did not allow people to benefit financially from their crimes. Well if she is receiving anything from these appearances perhaps all the money should go to her estranged husband.

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