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Breast Cancer Month is Finally Over

Breast cancer month is finally over.

Now do not get me wrong it is a terrible disease. My issue is the exclusionary pink ribbons (even though both sexes are affected) everywhere and seemingly inordinate amounts of funding and support for one type of cancer. A cancer that many women can in many ways participate in their own early detection (daily breast exams in the shower) to help minimize its impact including the mortality rate. A self exam is not possible in regard to prostate, colon and rectal cancers. It is aggravating to me that this country in recent years seems to be presenting breast cancer as the only cancer or at least the only serious cancer. Commercials, funding, donations, and sponsorship on thousands of products is becoming almost absurdly overemphasized. There is a powerful implication that only women are the victims of this cancer in these commercials and public awareness campaigns. How is a man to feel about his breast cancer when there are slogans, t-shirts, bumper stickers and the like that are all bright pink and state things like “Fight like a girl,” or “Don’t let breast cancer steal second base,” for example.

Worse off than men

It seems that PC has infected every aspect of social media, media, and society in general. No matter what health problems (or any other issue for that matter) there are, someone will come along and attempt to demonstrate how women have it worse. Truth be told men are more likely to die of cancer (of cancers that affect both sexes) and 66% more likely to develop cancer than women in their lifetime.

Cancer is Funny

Cancer is funny only when dealing with what is problematic for men. It is difficult to recall a commercial for cancer awareness other than breast cancer. This was a source of annoyance for my family and me. We know many that have succumbed, friends and relatives alike, not one from breast cancer. Recently we were surprised to see a prostrate commercial. It was however, problematic. It was not anything like breast cancer awareness information. It was comedic. A loony doctor with a silly German accent was the representative. He was holding up not one but two fingers. The gist of the commercial was don’t die of embarrassment. There have been funny breast cancer commercials that have been banned.

Bottom Line

There are thousands of types of cancer. Some more deadly and less likely for you to be able to take a personal active role in detecting and limiting its effects. Almost all cancers affect young, old, male, female, black, white. Stop the paranoid delusion that everything in the world is anti-woman including diseases. Let us spend research money for cancer with the right proportions instead of emotionally and with an outdated sense of chivalry.

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