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Sorry I Have been Away for so Long

I am alive and well.

As is happening to more and more people, my family and I have fallen on very hard times.  I lost my good paying job, our house, all our possessions including our dog.  Look this is not to instill any empathy or pity upon my readers for me it is just an explanation as to my situation.  It is getting better but my posts are still likely to be sporadic for a while.  I hope I have not lost too many of you but I will attempt to post more as soon as I become more knowledgeable about current events.  I do not have TV or Internet yet but have rigged up antenna TV and everyone knows that I network well.


The best way that I can stick it to the man is to keep my head up, keep slugging it out and survive this ordeal.  That is exactly what I am going to do despite any future bumps in the road that lay ahead.


Thank you to those of you that are still there and willing to be there for me.  I have not been completely abandoned, have had common courtesy human decency help along the way.  I will not mention names because some may catch some flack for it and that is not fair.  Realize that you are better people for being the way you are.  I thank you again for my family and me.

As always, God bless,


One Response to “Sorry I Have been Away for so Long”

  1. Glad to hear you’re surviving.
    The Town is growing more dysfunctional each day.
    At least you departed that toxic workplace with your sanity intact.

    Take solace knowing that you have more character, integrity and common sense than the degenerates who consider themselves in charge.

    I relish the day that either Karma or U.S. District Court will eventually catch up with those who’ve disgraced the profession and unjustly brought hardship upon you and long list of others.

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