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Greenland Sun

There is quite the buzz about the sun rising in Greenland 2 days early.  Theories abound, mainstream media and the powers that be wanting us to believe that it has to do with man-made climate change.

Global warming has so they claim done at least one of two things. One the ice cap melted so much that the horizon is lower so the sun came up earlier (and due to the health crisis the people in Greenland have been exercising more thus breathing harder thereby melting their icecaps). Two global warming released so much methane in the air that refraction of the light in the atmosphere changed so that it appears as though the sun rise came earlier (and I have been eating more beans lately so I am the cause).

A factor that could actually cause this is a change in the earths axis.  The problem with this is that there would have to be a global conspiracy of governments and scientists to keep this a secret from every one.  Possible but not probable.  One would think that there are enough armature skywatchers in the world that the word would get out.

The three above theories are possible suspects in this anomaly but there are problems with all of them.  The third and later idea problems have already been brought forth.  The amount of methane in the air to cause a 2 day early refraction seems to be out of reach.  Increases in that quantity of  methane in the atmosphere should have been seen and reported long ago.  The melting of the icecap has its own problems.  One would have to have information like the distance of the observed phenomenon to the ice that blotted out the sun.  That not withstanding, it would seem to have to be an enormous amount of topical ice that vanished and again someone should have been able to predict this cause and effect.  Again without proper information like distance it is a very difficult thing to predict but it still stands to reason that a titanic amount of ice would have to be removed because as the weight of the ice is removed from the land the land will “float” higher counter acting the effect of an early sunrise because of the loss of ice.  I will name this “The Venice Effect.”  If you do not know what I mean the bottom line as to why that historic city is sinking, it is because of the weight of the buildings upon the earth.

It is interesting to note that none of the agencies that predict sunrise and sunset predicted this early rise of the sun.

So what caused this phenomenon? I cannot answer that but it would seem that we are in the dark either by lack of intelligence or because all the facts have not been released to us.  One thing is sure it does not seem possible that any of the three proposed theories hold water.


Height of the object (ice cap) X (1.17 X  hight of your eye) = the distance you can see that object

This does not take into account

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  1. Here is the Truth about Global Warming: for those who want to know

    It’s called The Great Global Warming Swindle

    and here is the Link


  2. global warming is cool man..

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