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SNOW in Buffalo Must be the Thruway Authorities Fault

Stuck on the highway, awwwwww.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Almost all of the stranded motorists need not have been stranded if they did not try to beet the odds. They knew what they were doing when risking travel on the 190 – 290 – 90 during a snow storm. Traffic was backed up from only exit 50 – 55 after 13 hours. It would have been much worse if no one headed the warnings. There were signs up warning people to seek alternate routes and the radio also warned of this situation. Blame no one but yourselves especially if you have lived in Buffalo for more than a couple of years, if it is snowing pay attention to signs and the radio and stop blaming others for what you done to yourselves.

By the way I was out there because of work and the signs and radio guided me away from the 90 just fine.

Thank you Thruway Authority for the information. I know that you are accepting blame because it is the easiest way to defuse an intense emotional bomb for all those that will not take any personal responsibility. I wish you did not have to be PC to save your jobs and just tell people to stop being jackasses.

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