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Anyone else feel the earthquake about an hour ago?  I am in Machias right now and it rocked the house out here.  More later, have got to go to work.

I have some time . . . now I hear it was 12 miles down, 5.5, near the Quebec and Ontario boarder.  Last time my wife and I were there in November 1988 we experienced a 6.3.  That really rocked and rolled.  We could not get off the island we were on, all the bridges and tunnels were closed.


2 Responses to “Earthquake”

  1. BB, glad to hear that you’ve found work. Machias is a lovely area, God’s Country. A far cry from the toxic, depressing, politically corrupt armpit known as Tonawanduh. It’s the municipality made famous for its ever-present odor of coal dust, benzene and chicken-wing flatulence.

  2. Thanks Pete

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