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Jane Velez-Mitchell Again

File:Plastic household items.jpg

Jane has issues again (surprise). She (paraphrased) said that our dependence on oil caused the gulf oil spill. She states “Let’s get rid of our plastic bags and bottles.” This statement yet again shows that she is inept to be the host of a show like hers. I do not know how she stays on the air being so ignorant of so many issues. I would like to see her go oil and plastic free, or does her statement only apply to everyone else? She obviously is oblivious to the plastics and petroleum in her life. I bet Jane does not have a computer, automobile, clothes, never bought a toy, had to go to the hospital, and has no cookware.

I am positive that she does not have ONE CREDIT CARD! I will bet that she never flies anywhere, has no hair brushes, does not believe in the use of helmets, has never used glue, a toilet (seat), does not paint her house, USES NO MAKE UP, has no tires on her car, would go on a boat cruse with no life vests on the ship, does not own any umbrellas, uses no fertilizer or weed killer on her mansions lawn or garden, never received any cushioned package through the mail, does not use a toothbrush, will not use eyeglasses, uses no nail polish, never uses medicine and has no insulation in her house or anywhere else.

Jane to you play tennis, no racket for you!

These are only a small handful of items dependant on oil Jane, plastic bottles and bags are barley the issue.

Jane needs to develop a Gestalt philosophy to be taken seriously.


4 Responses to “Jane Velez-Mitchell Again”

  1. And, what’s the issue with her using a court gavel? Is she drinking again? Looks like it. Does CNN only employ drunken druggies? (except for Anderson Cooper because there are no signs of alcohol or drug use by his actions)

  2. Great job Bernie, I agree fully. This gal is on a quest to change the world and form her own worldwide government of complete perfection. Many of her sweeping statements would be laughable if they were not so fatal to common sense. How she remains on the network is simple, a whole crap load of people around the world are just as ignorant and love to hear her spout ridiculous and shallow pseudo-intellectual tidbits. Her “gavel” demonstrates a psychological desire to prove to herself that she is now judge material, gavel replacing bottle. So, Nancy the annoying has spawned a child named Jane, and now we are enjoying, a judge without a brain.

  3. I agree…she barks at us. Doesn’t listen to what her guests are saying. And yes, that stupid gavel. Too much of her opinions. She should listen to the experts, thats why they are there. And she asks grieving parents things like…”how did you feel when they found the body?” duh!! And asks people questions about why people do things that no one could possible know.

    I used to be a fan till she got like a bulldog. Doesn’t she realize how unattractive she looks glaring and barking?

  4. I agree, but, she did mention the other day that she is a flier, she flies all over the place out of airports like JFK and Newark…is she aware that flying across the country is equal to using 100 plastic bottles? I think you are correct that she wants the rest of us to go without gas for our cars, water bottles, plastic in general but SHE still gets to fly around freely, ride places in limos and do whatever she wants. I just wish she would stop SCREAMING her message! Does she have an inside voice???

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