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Womens Right to Vote

Click this link STUPID VOTERS to find out why it took soooooo long for women to get the right to vote . . . .

he, he


5 Responses to “Womens Right to Vote”

  1. Bernie,
    Here’s a related video that I saw a while back, guy goes to a all girls college campus, and collects signatures on a petition to end woman’s suffrage …

  2. Chris,

    Thanks, that was hysterical and right in line with the humor intended. I have not laughed that hard in quite some time. Thanks again for the contribution. NOTE: it was a blond who refused to sign, a blond redeemed a blond. b

  3. I have now watched a dozen or so of these videos and it seems to me that men know what this is and women do not. It was funny at first and now I just find it sad. Perhaps women should not have the right to vote if they are so willing to petition it away. I do not care that they do not know what they are signing, they should have not signed without at least asking some questions. Alas these women voters I might add, are indeed too ignorant to be voting. These are the same type of people who put Alvin Greene where he is today.


  4. Wow.
    and this is the brain trust of the United States of America? this country had at one time dynamic leaders who could lead the nation through crisis after crisis to emerge stronger than before. I am relieved to know that when American Idol is finally canceled I can look to individuals such as these to lead me through it.

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