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I have said it before and I will say it again. Adultery in several states is illegal, I know New York to be one of them. Yes, the means that you can be put in jail for cheating. Many have argued with me and decided to go with their own brand of truthiness but now it has come to light in what I am sure will be a pivotal case in determining whether this law will stay on the books.

Sure now everyone will forget that I use to tell them this but in Batavia, NY, Farrell Park a 41 year old woman was charged with adultery fro having sex with a 29 year old man. He has not been charged because he was unaware that she was married.

I wonder if she will let off because she is a woman, because she was “ignored” by her husband, or some other excuse, and if at some later point in time a man will be charged with the smae crime. Only time will tell.

This should be an interesting case to follow.



6 Responses to “Adultery”

  1. I agree with you that it may be illegal in some states, but has anyone ever been jailed for adultery?

  2. Army Sgt. Corbin R. Timberman, 2006
    Capt. John Lau, Fort Drum, NY, 2007


  3. Adultery?
    I used to diddle my secretary right on my desktop.
    Aside from copious amounts of manjuice and other bodily fluids soiling the weekly reports, I saw nothing wrong with it all.

  4. I must apologize to my readers but for reasons of a personal nature and indulgence I am going to leave the last post up for a while, it is a rather ill kept inside joke that scores of people know about.


    I thank you, you made me laugh at a time when I really need it. Thanks again it was quite a pick me up.


  5. Thanks b for your willingness to hear things we may not totally understand or agree with like the previous poster. But, I do believe it simply exemplifies some of the lower-level of intellect out on the web.

  6. It was out in the open in front of kids. She should be charged with more and be used as an example. Giving blowjobs in the park during the day is stupid. She deserves it

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