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Nancy Grace Stupidity Abounds

Nancy Grace had an interview with Lee Jeter the father of Kiersten and Kelsey. Their mom slit their throats, everyone knows this who is familiar with this case. Apparently not Nancy Grace. As Lee Jeter was talking about the surgery to Kiersten and that the doctor had sewn and glued her neck back together, she interrupted him and said “sewn her neck back together, what kind of injuries did she have?” This insensitive witch had to know in an attack that involved slitting the throats of two little girls what kind of injuries that they had. I believe that she in a weak attempt for more sensationalism tried to get Lee to break down by repeating himself. I am appalled by her behavior and believe she needs to make a public apology to this man, his family, and all the viewers.


2 Responses to “Nancy Grace Stupidity Abounds”

  1. Is it the drugs that Nancy says she uses or is it the alcohol usage that makes her one of the most inaccurate people on television today? People have lost their life directly due to her incompetence.

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