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Life for Life

This story and the chilling 911 tape challenges my beliefs. I have in the past taken issue with the death penalty stirring debate by proposing a thought. The thought; anyone who can kill a person with no threat to their own life must have a diminished mental capacity so how can we in good conscience carry out capital sentences. “In cold blood” is an expression used to define capital crimes but again anyone who can carry out such a crime must have mental issues, right?

I will tell you honestly that I have never heard anything more “cold blooded” in my life than this 911 recording.  911 CALL HERE   There is not a word to describe the revulsion I felt listening to the recording. Debra Jeter calmly describes that she killed her one child by slashing the throat, the other killing was unsuccessful and her child wants to live so send an ambulance. She does not sound like a melancholy caused by shock or a controlled calm, it is more of a mater of fact, the sky is blue, the grass is green, etc. Through a plea agreement she will not be put to death, maybe it is because she is a woman. Further information shows that a restraining order was just lifted and upon the first visit Debra Jeter attempts to kill both of her children. I cannot see a man escaping the death penalty in similar circumstances. If anyone ever deserved the chair Debra Jeter receives my vote. You judge for yourself, listen to the recording before commenting, it will rock your world.


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  1. This chilled me to the bones.

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