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Close but NO Chicken Wing

   One must ask; would you go to Cuba to buy and smoke a Haitian cigar? Would you go to Nepal to climb the mountain next to Mt. Everest? Would you go to Florida to go to Wally World or Disney World? Go to the province of Chamagne to buy and drink Sparkling Wine? NO, NO, and NO!

The leader of the free world did however go to Cheektowaga to have “Buffalo” wings. Yes, those of us from here call them wings not Buffalo wings. I do not care what some silly contest says nor do I have a particular affinity to Duffs or the Anchor Bar BUT he came here for Buffalo Wings, logic would dictate . . . there I go again expecting a politician to apply logic. It is scary however to realize that the President could not figure this out. You have got to wonder what else he does not have the ability to divine logically.


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