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Civil War Breaks Out in the US


The people of Mexican heritage in California are threatening a boycott of Arizona over immigration issues and its newest law.  There is the problem yet again.  I have said it time and time again; this is not an issue over immigration RATHER over ILLEGAL immigration!  The media in its money minded mode has not helped this situation continually stirring the pot by appealing to the emotional front and keeping this an emotional issue by not clarifying that is this is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION issue.  Either you are an American or you are not, and if you are this law protects you as an American.  What the media and these protesters are doing is criminal, they are so inflammatory and by making something more that it is; it will lead to riots (in my opinion a civil war).  Hold these people and the media accountable for what happens because of these intentional misleading ideas and notions.

Arizona has responded with a go for it attitude and states that they will cut the power that they supply to California this equals about 25%.  This is how dangerous this subject is and it is no longer acceptable that we do not call it what it is, an issue about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!  This has to stop!  People have got to get their heads out of the butts and stop acting like Arizona and those of us who take issue with illegal immigration are anti-immigration and or prejudice.  Again it is not true.  WAKE UP!


One Response to “Civil War Breaks Out in the US”

  1. Well said b, it is about illegal immigration only. And the critics tend to be the whiners who do nothing to support the correct issue, but just sit and complain and take no effort to help to resolve this important issue.

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