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OK to be Foreign but NOT American

Breaking stories from HLN

Students from Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill are not to wear anything resembling the American flag because it might offend or cause violence.  Suns wear jersy with “Los Suns” on them.


Let us tackle two diametrically opposed stories at once.  First you have Americans that can not where anything representing the American flag in school on Cinco de Mayo because it may offend and spark violence and on the other hand you have the Suns wearing  jerseys that say “los suns.”  Where is the logic?  There is none.  Americans are not allowed to be American but foreigners are allowed to be foreign.  Let us face it if things were so great in their country they would not have left.  They came here for a better life and got it and now are kicking the country that is providing this better life in the pants.  If you do not like it here you can go back to your country of origin but they will not because life is better here.  Arizona’s law is not anti-immigration it its anti-illegal immigration.  I hate what the liberals have done to this subject and that is make those of us who have a problem with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION racist because they say we are anti-immigration.  That is simply not true.  If these people are here illegally what other laws will they ignore that will cost every tax paying American?  It is wrong to force the players to wear that uniform because some of the players may disagree but will not refuse to wear it because of the fear of being ostracized or fear of retribution because they do not buy into “group think.”  If people are offended about the American flag, again they can go back to their country of origin.  If they become violent it is they who should be addressed and arrested.  It is improper to restrict the rights of Americans here because they might offend; this is what is truly offensive.  Has this school adminstration ever heard of the 1st Ammendment?

This is disrespectful to there new home country.  The tow kids I have left in school noext year will be wearing clothing with the American flag on it next year on May 5th.



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