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All readers, to the faithful readers and commenter’s and the newcomers.  Sorry I have been conspicuously absent lately but after loosing my job in May of 2009 and not being able to find a job that paid well enough, we have lost my childhood home.  My wife 3 kids, one with a kid on the way, due any day now, and my dog.  We have not seen him for 3 months; he has been put up in a kennel that is costing a small fortune.

Adding insult to injury is the moving company that the bank hired to put our stuff in storage.  They did for a short time then they decided to throw out EVERYTHING!  We have lost it all but the clothes on our backs.  We lost diplomas, pictures, vacation souvenirs, hand airbrushed leather vests and jackets, my wife’s wedding  and engagement ring, (she forgot that they were in a dresser drawer and not the jewelry case), movies, home an big screen, books, all furniture including bedroom, TV’s, my photography portfolio that I use to show people to get photography jobs, mostly weddings, yearbooks, EVERYTHING!

It has been very tough on all of us, and I have had a particularly hard time with this because I wanted better for my kids. 

MORE TO FOLLOW, I need a break.

Enjoy it now for you never know when you are going to loose it.  Control is an illusion.


2 Responses to “HOMELESS”

  1. Im very sorry to see things have gotten so bad, and i hope you bounce back soon.

  2. Thanks Porky


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