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Some Light at the End of the Tunnel in England

It seems that in England the powers that be may be reconsidering and actually enforcing the laws of the land. (Daily Mail, 12/3/09) Amazing that an adult woman is actually responsible for her actions against a minor boy.

Madeleine Martin was a teacher or Religious Education in the United Kingdom and 39 years old when pursuing her tawdry affair with a 15-year-old student of hers. She received 32 months for this statutory rape. There are several psychological overtones that accompany this story. The boys parents were divorced. He could have been looking for a solid adult female role model, which she seems to have exploited. The boy felt that the relationship was strange and unsatisfying and he was not attracted to her. She was in a place of power. She could have affected his grades if she desired.


This is for the women who have commented on my other articles that these kind of affairs do not affect boys as they do girls because boys become hero’s and brag about such affairs later. Her student has suffered emotional/psychological issues because of the affair including but not limited to: worry over not being able to continue in school, get a job, and having to change schools, not to mention that she said she was on birth control when she was not.

She was caught because her student wanted to break it off but she pursued hm anyway so he told his older brother, who told his parents, who told the police.

Women what me to understand that no means no, one day I hope that women will understand that rape is rape, regardless of the fact that the victim caries a “y” chromosome. I wish him all the best and hope he will be able to receive successful help with what he now has to deal with in his life.


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