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Gay Marriage “Equal Rights Now” Part 1

Gov. Patterson, Thomas Duane D-Manhattan, and Antoine Thompson D-Buffalo open supporters of gay marriage are cowards for supporting this matter because they are afraid that they will loose the gay vote, (meaning just a reelection issue.) It just speaks volumes that they are so out of touch with current affairs, in other words dumb. Straight people everywhere will work especially hard in 2010 to defeat the senators who voted yes so that the next time this issue comes to vote there will be a wider margin of defeat, (interpretation, people that think like this do not deserve to be in public office.) Finally, we know who the real enemies are. After the vote opponents did not hide their anger about hose that supported the bill, (anger a form of hate.) There were reactions from tears to outrage over the fact that anyone can think to destroy the idea of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. The New York Community is grateful for this defeat and happy that the integrity of what the idea of marriage was initially meant to be remains intact.

Part II soon

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