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Kick A Ginger Day

I do not buy it. “Kick a Ginger Day” inspired by the 2005 South Park episode. These boys were max 7 and 8 years old when it came out and it took them all this time to come up with this “prank.” First it is not a prank, it is a crime, assault, and a hate crime. I hope it is treated as such even MSNBC thinks it is only a “prank” and the show “parodied racial prejudice.” Just about everyone who has red hair can trace their roots back in one way or another to Ireland or Scotland but I guess because they are white it was not an act of racial prejudice. I am tired of white guilt and peoples inability to call things what they are, prejudice. It seems that if you are white it is impossible to experience prejudice, BS!

Stand up for your rights and mouth off about the disparity in the way these identical incidents are handled differently. The whole world has gone PC and this is touted as “suspicion of bullying.”



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