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Closings Make No Sense

I mean no disrespect for John Jones and his family but because a person dies is no reason to stop all from enjoying nature or anything else for that matter.  Seriously to continue this trend would be the beginning of the end of all outdoor and other activities.  Many times my wife and I have gone through parks like Yellowstone on a motorcycle.  This is inherently dangerous.  There are very large dangerous creatures that live in the free range park.  This is a risk that you as a person have to accept if you choose to motorcycle through Yellowstone.  You know this going into the park and it is not moral or ethical to point the finger to make millions on a lawsuit because an animal attacks you.  This is the risk when out in the wild, that is why they call it the wild.  If you cannot handle that then do not go to the wild.  This is not limited to motorcycling it includes hiking and even you cagers who get out of your car to take pictures.  I understand why you get out of the car to take pictures but when you do you are accepting the risk and again do not point fingers if injured or killed when you are 30 or less yards from hundreds of 1/2 ton or better sized animals.  If you cannot comprehend the danger then you are a moron and should be sterilized.

This is no different than spelunking.  I have to disagree with John Jones’s younger brother Josh when he said regarding the closing of the cave “”We feel like it would be John’s will to protect the safety of future cavers,” 1) no true spelunker would ever want a cave closed even if they died in it. 2) There are no future cavers that you can protect if you close caves, duh.

We just cannot keep closing and stopping everything because people die. Knee jerk reactions have never served well and this case is no exception.



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