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Singing McDondald’s Order Goes to Court

Paul Fraughton / The Salt Lake Tribune

From left, Morgan Glissmeyer, 17, Spenser Dauwalder, 18, Trevor Tolbert, 17, and Gage Christensen, 17, got into trouble when they tried to rap their order at a McDonald’s.

Bully for the boys. You can read my original article here. I will be watching for the results and if there is justice left in the world the case will be dismissed, unless there is information that we do not know about that come out in the trial.

The jist of the case is that they saw a YouTube video and imitated it by rapping their order. The McDonald’s employee told them that they were holding up the line and they should give their order or leave. They left. A McDonald’s employee got their plate and reported them to the police. Some time later the police came across their car and the boys and gave them a citation. Seems much ado about nothing to me. Let kids be kids, they were not out vandalizing anything or causing any other type of general mayhem, what is the harm? Far worse things happen and it seems that there is no man hunt for the offenders. What a waste of time and effort that was put into this “police” call. If I was a tax payer there the governmental agency in charge would be hearing from me.


I wonder if this whole episode would have come to pass if it was a carload of cute girls doing the same thing? I doubt it.


Click here to contact McDonald’s to get them to drop the case. There are contacts for corporate and local stores. Be respectful.


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