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Washington Redskins, Reprive

As screwed up as our society and laws are I have noticed that in almost all cases if it does not make sence or sound reasonable it typically is not. This addage of mine reguarding the laws has held true once again when the highest court in our nation refused to hear the case against the Washington Redskins. My last article on the subject Washington Redskins, No More? can be read here. Years ago when all this nonsence started with high school teams I was convinced and had a hard time convincing others (though I do not know why) that team names are not picked to mock or shame it is because they are proud, powerful, intimidating, or honorable thing to which to be associated. Really, who would want to call themselves something that they were embarrased of prejudice or in any other manor something that they would rather not associate themselves? What the hell has happened to logic in this country? It is difficult to comprehend this dramatically dimished capasity in this country. Is it any wonder why we cannot compete in any capasity any more? At least the Supreme Court has not lost it head, yet.


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