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Body Guard Not Deserved

Does this look like a woman who was terrorized?

I do not really care about what happens in Brazil except that whatever happens anywhere in the world some idiot in this country gets the brilliant idea to imitate. Call it or her what you will but because someone dresses to be noticed and gets noticed does not later deserve a body guard. She brought it on herself. In this article, 20-year-old Geisy Arruda claims to be innocent of everything. Somehow I do not believe her.


She claims that she was taunted by male students and called names. She also states that she was surprised by their reaction because though she was wearing a black halter top and skin color satin from what I understand short shorts, this is a common mode of dress in tropical Brazil. She denies that she paraded provocatively and raised the dress which got her expelled. She also says that she wore the outfit before with no reaction. Well to me something seems amiss. If hardly wearing any clothes as she claims hardly if ever raises and eyebrow in Brazil then there must be something missing from the story, perhaps she is not being forthcoming about something she did to “raise some eyebrows.”

Total terror also seems to be a bit of an exaggeration. She seems very open and bubbly about her “experience” and is enjoying the “fame” (I thought this was called “notoriety” but I guess being a woman she can do no wrong in the media. I have seen many people interviewed on TV about traumatic events that happened to them and not one has smiled, was bubbly, or was anything less than traumatized, another inconsistency with this woman. Typically if a woman acts like a slut, she will be treated like a slut. This goes for anyone acting in any manor.

I do however find it interesting that she does realize that whether or not she gets her degree in tourism, she is more likely to get a job in her field now.

More interesting is that the article that I cited states that she left the campus in tears and has not returned since, at the same time the author must have forgotten that perhaps that is because she was expelled as mentioned earlier in the article. Ah the media lace curtain has just got to attempt that emotional appeal. I also like the use of the words “near riot,” sorry folks either there was or was not a riot. You can fool some of the people . . .



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