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Set the Record Straight for the Vets

This one is for my father-in-law.

This is one reason I am not fond of the military. It is not the people at the low end of the totem pole, they were hired to do a job and they do a good job, it is the decisions makers. As my father, a Korean Vet, would say, “That is the thanks you get.” In this instance I am talking about the Bay of Pigs. My father-in-law rarely see eye to eye but since no one else will do this in the name of disclosure, truth, and justice for those that were there more must be done to admit that we were there if just for the sake of the American men that fought and died there. I know that these men do not want the attention of being heroes but we at least owe them the respect of acknowledging that they were there, fought, suffered, lost friends, and died. I have on several occasions attempted to edit the Wikipedia entry on the Bay of Pigs, and some of the Wikipedia nazis that either wrote or patrol the site keep deleting my entry that the US military namely the Marines were there. These ignoramuses’ who keep deleting my edit are the problem of what is wrong with our society today. They claim that they want facts, but those must be in an accepted scholastic type book that can be cited, well I got news for you I have spoken to people that were there including my father-in-law. This is FIRST HAND INFORMATION, the basis of all our research in this country and an acceptable form of proof to cite. I want the ignoramuses’ that would rather hide their head in the sand like an ostrich to kiss off because the truth will come out and set you free. Le me also add that the information that is quoted in that article comes from the same forms that our school systems across the nation use that make the claims that Columbus discovered America, George Washington Carver invented peanut butter, the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor was “unprovoked.” If you are in the same dark light as the people who delete my edit on Wikipedia about the bay of pigs, and have no idea as to what I am referencing regarding the three fallacies that I mentioned I suggest you educate yourself, yourself being key because school spoon feeds you lies. I cannot believe that my kids have to give wrong answers on tests just to get good grades in this day and age.


What essential Veterans benefits do these men have no access to because we were not there?

To the US military that was there, some of us know and appreciate you for that, and our numbers are growing, thank you.



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