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You Do Not Believe in Miracles?

This is one of epic proportions. A 6 month old boy is in a stroller on a train station platform in Australia, mom turns the stroller and it rolls off the platform to the tracks about 4 feet below as a train is pulling into the station. The stroller and baby are pushed 130 feet and accept for a bump on the head which looks like it occurred when the stroller hit the ground the child is OK.

It is unfathomable to me how the mom did not see the stroller and baby rolling away until it was too late. I wonder how intently this incident would have been investigated if the dad were in control or lack there of the stroller.

I think I would have realized that it would take toomuch time to reach and pull my child back up onto the platform and I would have jumped down and moved baby and stroller off the tracks.


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