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Local News: Tiffinay’s Stake House/Gentleman’s Club

Notice: For those in the Erie County, Town of Tonawanda, New York area; I spoke to the owner (a very friendly and approachable guy) just over a week ago and Tiffany’s Club is slated for its Grand Opening on or about November 12, 2009. The owner said he is going to make it couples friendly.

He has turned a run down abandoned building into a remarkably classy building for an industrial area and it seems that the owner is attempting to put his best foot forward and also be neighbor friendly despite the objections that he faced.

At least he did not tear down any woods and call the business “something” woods to build a building for his business and used an existing building which there are plenty of in the town. There is no reason to make our town look like a city when there are plenty of vacant buildings that we have to fill.



One Response to “Local News: Tiffinay’s Stake House/Gentleman’s Club”

  1. The original location was scrubbed after a handful of neighborhood activists descended upon a Board meeting. The Town’s Zoning Nazis finally approved the plans, and relegated this club to an industrial wasteland surrounded by a chemical plant and benzene-producing Coke oven.

    Meanwhile, the Towns business districts are full of dozens of vacant Benderson buildings.

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