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Mostly Men Died

This article does not have to use 2/3’s of the population to distort its numbers like when “mostly women and children” is so often used. On the Titanic of the approximately 1509 people that died about 1339 of them were men. In all the years that this story has been told I have never heard once that “mostly men died” as so often that we hear in many other situations “mostly women and children.” Funny that the only stories that came out about men were not about brave or the foolhardy that would not get on a life boat even though when launched many were going less than half full because a stupid code of chivalry. What a waste of life and talent. No, instead we heard about fictitious stories about “cowardice” where men dressed in women’s clothes to be saved, again even if true (but these stories have all been debunked) in more than half empty life boats, what was the harm?

This is how we still look at these me 100 years later; there is a stigma of cowardice if a man was saved. Did I mention that many life boats were half or better empty? Other men survived by enduring the cold water or on makeshift flotation devices. Did I mention that the lifeboats had room for 1.088 and the pulled away with only 653 people (mostly women).


Only 74% of the women survived (all classes) and 50% of the children (all classes). That is messed up considering that about 98% of all first class women survived. It would seem that this indicates that women rate higher than children.

What a jackass society we live in.


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