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Another Star Trek Invention


Perhaps the most intriguing and convenient tool on Star Trek was the “replicator.” It could make any part that was needed and had other applications such as making food and making meat like food “where no animals were harmed.”

Unlike what the article says the Star Trek replicator did not create something from nothing it did rearrange molecules into a new matrix to create what was needed parts or food.

There have been things similar to this invention and are scanners that view an object and can make it out of plastic, make a mold and the part can be replicated. Jay Leno for instance uses one to make parts for his antique cars. They have been around for some time. This one promises to go right to the metal fabricated part ready for use. It should save time, money and further the possibility of long distance space travel and colonization because of the ease of accessing replacement parts.

It is amazing how one man has envisioned and inspired so many inventions that have made our lives so much easier.



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