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Waste Water

New York in its infinite wisdom has decided to put a deposit on bottled water. Although I have less objection to the attempt to control pollution, they are in fact creating pollution. The reason for this is that no company or business can sell bottled water without a $0.05 deposit label on it, if they do they are subject to a $6,000.00 fine, my sources say. Some vendors are going to put stickers on their product (the store cannot because that is illegal) that make the $0.05 deposit known, others are not. This country goes trough about 11 million gallons of bottled water a day. I am not sure how much of that is sold in NY but my 7 – Eleven states that they expect to return about one weeks worth of water. This is a waste of water; all those bottles will end up in a land fill (about 4 per gallon) with their labels and caps. If you ask me it should have been mandatory to have to add a label for deposit but of course that causes extra pollution also.

Hey every little bit counts, and I am not really big on this problem but when it is legislated there should have been just a tad more forethought that went into it.

Governor Paterson issued a statement on Friday saying that 80 percent of unclaimed deposits would go to the state as much-needed revenue. OK so the vendors and the stores that have to do all the work to enforce this law receive only 20% of the unclaimed deposit and no money for the bottles returned. Think about it, now there has to be more employees, trucks, use of fuel, and storage. This dramatically adds to the carbon and diminishing fossil fuel problem that people are complaining about, and we as consumers are going to have to pick up the extra cost of the additional manpower, equipment, and fuel that is going to be needed for this product.

There is no way in hell that you can convince me that this lessens the pollution problem it just changes it from one form to another.


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