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Breast Cancer Stigma is A Leap of a Statement

In this article, there is no study, no numbers, no factual data stated at all to substantiate that there is a “breast cancer stigma” yet it is media hyped.


There is one woman that states her husband will leave her if she has her brest removed and one of the trainers replied to her “he’d leave you for that, he’s not worth having.” This must be ther reason for the stigma and the fact that 2/3 of women in undeveloping countries go undiaganosed until it is to late. There is no way in hell that you can ever convince me that is the underlying problem for the undiaganosed brest cancer patents in developing nations. Remember they are in developing nations, you know, poor, uneducated, isolated, substandard and distant health care, no transportation, no time to take a day off of survival to see a doctor, etc. That has nothing to do with this problem at all.

Let me add that the article also states that in developng nations “. . .they’ll be home to 55 percent of the world’s 450,000 expected breast cancer deaths this year.” Why is that so bad?!?


As of 2008 according to the United nations There are 6.7 billion people on this world, 1.2 in developed nations and 5.5 in developing nations. That is 17.9% of the population in developed nations and 82.1% in developing nations. Yet we are to have bleading hearts for the developing nations. It sounds to me like people in the developed nations have an exceptionally high disproportunate rate of cancer, almost half of it for about one sixth of the world population. So I ask you, where does the real problem exist with breast cancer? It is obvious to me.


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