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Devil’s Night

Detroit, circa 1930. This is known in our part of the country as “Beggars Night.” This is day to get a jump on Halloween and some extra candy. In Detroit it is a more nefarious issue. What started as a night of mischief, TP’ing, egging, and soaping, has escalated to a night of arson in the ’70’s. Arson events reached over 800 cases in the ‘80’s. I take this personally as a fireman because of the needless risk to all involved. What is worse is that this trend spread for a while and reached our little unimportant town. Thank God that it never reached the feverous pitch that it did in Detroit, we mostly had to contend with garbage cans, paper boxes, and leaf piles.

This practice, however, still poses, risk to life and limb to firemen and others while they are responding to the call. At the very least these pranks are a colossal waste of time, effort, and money nation wide. It is comforting to know that this trend nation wide has dropped off dramatically and is almost nonexistent in my town.

We were all kids once and I am not against some harmless fun, in fact these little acts of rebellion shaving cream, soap, TP, on Devil’s Night probably serve to curb more powerful acts than they cause but please kids for the sake of you and others keep it to a dull roar, have fun and be safe.



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