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I Hate People 2

In this article some teens were cited for disorderly conduct. Their crime was rapping their order at a McDonald’s drive through. Are we just to accept the teens word that there was no one else in line behind them and that they were not holding up anyone? Of course not but if it is true that only makes this story that much more absurd. If they did temporally hold up the line it was a minor inconvenience at best. Teens will be teens and they will imitate funny things that they see on line, hell I still pull up next to limos and have the driver roll down the window to ask him if he has any Grey Poupon. This is just another case of over sensitive people and over enforcement and abuse of the law. Warn them about the complaint and if they keep their shenanigans up then write them. Get a life Salt Lake City, McDonald’s, and American Fork police.


2 Responses to “I Hate People 2”

  1. I read this to the boyfriend and he said “it’s retarded, that doesn’t many any sense.”

    Gahhh people..

  2. […] for the boys. You can read my origional article here. I will be watching for the results and if there is justice left in the world the case will be […]

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