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Stab Husband 193 Times, 25 Years Too Harsh

David J. Phillip / AP

What?!? If this is not blaring evidence of the way women are treated with kid gloves, then nothing will ever. Abuse aside this is a case of murder. Susan Wright, 33, stabbed her husband 193 times, buried him in a hole in the yard that he had dug for a fountain and the punishment of 25 years behind bars was too harsh. What?!? Our justice system suck ass through a straw. This is inexcusable.

She was up for probation to 99 years in prison

“Prosecutors wanted her to serve at least 45 years behind bars and Wright’s attorneys argued for probation for the mother of two.

Ah, there it is . . . for the good of the children a homicidal maniac should only have to serve probation. When is the last time that you heard this as a defense for a man who has killed someone? Never that I can remember.

Did I mention that she in a sex ploy tied him up, ankles and wrists before she stabbed him? This is premeditated murder but 25 years is too harsh for her. We should allow her to raise two impressionable children. Oh yeah, there is reason to believe that she wanted money from his $200,000 life insurance policy. In case you still have doubts she cleaned and painted the room in which she killed him, covering up any evidence. Oh hell let her free.

All this and she also filed a domestic report the day after she killed him claiming that he threatened her with a knife the very instrument that she used to kill him. She also wanted a restraining order so that his absence would not be suspect.




3 Responses to “Stab Husband 193 Times, 25 Years Too Harsh”

  1. Wow. … I suppose we can blame the jury ? But yeah… That is insane.

  2. You feed my cynicism. You feed this negativity I already have for people especially my annoyance with many women. That’s fucking insane.

  3. xenophilicx,

    I am sorry about that, it is not my intention. What my motive is really is to keep people especially men informed so that they have the right ammo to fight these injustices.


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