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$24.2 Million Given to Tresspassers

My mother died at the hands of a state facility where the doctor admitted making a mistake and I had to pay the hospital bill. Two jerks tresspass, hurt themselves, live and make 24.2 million dollars, where is the justice? My mother died at the state (New York State: Buffalo Psychiatric Center) instution while being tied to a bed where her cries for help were ignored until she was dead, long dead because she was cool to the touch when they found her. A restrained person is to be checked on at the max every 15 minutes, but I still had to pay the hospital bill.

GO to HELL NYS! We were not allowed a jury trial, and we had to see a state judge about a state facility. How is this not a confloct of interest?

I may have lost the case but in this day and age of computers and the web you cannot stop me from telling the truth.

If you ever have the need to use a facility for a family member I would not recomend the BPC because after their win I am sure that they have not learned theor lesson and peoples lives seem to be disposable.

See the tresspass story here



2 Responses to “$24.2 Million Given to Tresspassers”

  1. Bernie, you got suckered in regard your mother. Depending on the time since your claim, everything could be reversed. This is copied from NY Constitution “§ 16. The right of action now existing to recover damages for injuries resulting in death, shall never be abrogated; and the amount recoverable shall not be subject to any statutory limitation.”
    Go to and see the extent of court corruption.

  2. Terence,

    Thanks, she died in 1991. What I did not understand is that the Dr. actually said in court that he made a mistake then pulled one of those “er ah” retractions and reworded what he said. My lawyer and the judge would not go back to the tape to listen to it. First and foremost I want everyone to understand I did not go to court for money (after all there was nothing that could help my mother now) my sister and the lawyer did. I read the autopsy and knew that over 500 cc’s of puss in the stomach lining (she died of peritonitis, no one should die of this in a hospital) is nothing that develops in a couple of hours and it must have been missed for some time. What is worse I am sure that my mother had to complain about the pain and the employees and Dr’s ignored her complaints. What I wanted to do is not pay a bill to a facility that in my opinion killed my mom through negligence and to bring the story public so that things would change and no other family would have to suffer the loss of a loved one by this means again.

    My God, the judge even fell asleep on the bench.


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