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Old Memories and No Oil

It is funny what stirs those long repressed memories and this article is not claiming what I was told when I was a kid but it did stir some interesting memories.

The lies that we were told

When I was a kid nearly four decades ago, I remember a public service announcment in the form of a TV commercial that had several kid begging adults to conserve oil resources because bey the time we wer old enough to drive we would not have any gasoline to power our cars. That has come and gone and time and time again we here about the end of oil. We have used many more times the mout of oil in the last 40 years than all the consumption for the one hundred years before those 40 years and yet we still have oil. I am not saying that oil is not finite but it seems that no one dispite all their brains knows how much oil we have left. Each decade with the government induced panics about lack of oil in the ground I have said that they are lying to us and I have been right every time. Still people listien to thes quacks because of their abc’s before and xyz titles befor and after their names and not me because I am a nobody but I have been right and they have been wrong every time. People give way too much credit to “degree” that people have and no credit to those that have some plain old common sence.

I would love to hear from those of you that remember these public service announcments.



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