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Be Very Careful What You Wish For . . .

Well women you asked for it, you got it. As of 2007 33.5% of women out earn their men. This hardly seems problematic in the equal pay argument any more. What is more interesting is a quote by one of the women that came from the Height of feminism in the ’70’s.

““I’m very glad I didn’t listen to all those teachers in the ’70s (who said), ‘Oh, don’t worry, your husband will take care of you. Oh, don’t worry about getting an education,’” Beth Klingensmith, 45 said.”

I too am glad that she did not listen.

These women are now finding out what men have know all along, the many things that they have to give up family wise, coordinating any quality time with their children, what a shame. Money is not everything is it now girls? With responsibility comes sacrifice, something ignored by many feminists’ and what men have had to give up by being the primary bread winner. “Having is not as pleasing as wanting” no is it girls?

Read the rest of the article here. There is more to it but I am reveling in their discovery.


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