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Another Law is a Waste of Time, Effort, and Money

Texting while driving. Another useless law passes. I have said it before and I will say it again stop wasting our time effort and money passing these ridiculous and redundant laws. Lows on the book include reckless operation and distracted driving. It is what it is, enforce what you have which would cover those who cannot handle talking on a phone or texting; we did not need another law. There are actually those that can talk and chew gum at the same time which should NOT be illegal! I grew up with CB’s, worked where driving and use of a radio was mandatory. What in the hell is the difference when talking on the phone? Admittedly there is an inherent problem with texting because focus comes off the road to play with keys or read but some have better peripheral vision than others and how then is this different than those that use visual GPS? There is none. Punish those that cannot handle doing tow things at once and leave the rest of us alone.

As a final note it is not illegal to receive a text message as the article states because you cannot control when someone will send you one but it is illegal to read it.


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