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I Saw a V-Shaped UFO

This is my story of a recent Close Encounter of the First Kind that I had recently.

On or about 10/07/2009 dusk minutes before sunset while finishing the roof on my garage I saw a V-shaped UFO. Really I did, this is not a joke or a hoax. It was no more than 100 – 125 feet to my West, 40 feet in the air, 50 feet long and 25 – 30 feet wide. There were about 48 shimmering lights in pairs outlining the shape of the “craft.” It was truly a remarkable sight and the first time that I have encountered this particular type of sighting. I was thrilled, I wish I had a camera at the ready.

Yes, I am a UFO enthusiast but I would never exaggerate, or invent a sighting when telling about it publicly for record (like this) just to further the “evidence” as proof of UFO’s. So, as a matter of full disclosure this craft made a sound, it was a familiar sound, a honk, several in fact. I have extensively studied UFOology and have many times come across in many readings and videos this type of UFO and knew what it was immediately. It was a flock of Canadian geese flying south for the winter. This did not make this encounter any less thrilling considering that where I live we are on a major flight path for these particular avians. Nearly 50 years I have never experienced this phenomenon of glowing geese and questioned its validity because of the uncountable times that I have personally witnessed geese flying North and South. These geese were between the setting sun and me, low in the sky and on a cloudless day, perhaps an absolutely perfect set of conditions to create this spectacular show. It is truly stunning and I hope that all of you get to experience this some time in your life.

It is sad that we were picking up for the night from the roof and the rest of the family was on the ground gathering tools and other roofing materials that I was tossing down. Because of the birds low altitude by the time I yelled out to the family to look they all missed it.

Keep your eye on the sky; it is a great spectacle if you can catch it.


7 Responses to “I Saw a V-Shaped UFO”

  1. About 16 years ago my brother and I were playing with fire in the driveway(we lived atop a 200 foot hill in the country , with no city lights to lighten the sky) when my brother pointed to the east and said “whats that?”.It was a triangle shape with I believe only three light and it was rotating slowley going down past the distant tree line. But as it moved it was covering stars , otherwise I would have believed that it was seperate lights. Another time we saw a silver object flying in the distance, and it was flying extremely erratically , darting from one point to another with great speed but no particular order to its path.Then it just took off straight up and was gone within seconds after a minute and half of the erratic flying.

  2. Years and Years ago, probably like 17 or so, I was looking out my bedroom window at dusk/nighttime and saw something quite startling that I still remember today. There was a bright light in the sky, which at first I acknowledged as a plane.. but then the light started to dart all over the sky in no particular direction. It went up, down, left, right… and it certainly wasn’t a shooting star either…. Whatever it was, it left my sight of view just as quickly as it came.. I will never forget that for as long as I live, and I don’t tell many people because they’ll chalk it up to me being young at the time, seeing things, etc.. However, I know what I saw and it was not a typical occurrence, most likely something not of this world.

  3. I saw a v shaped craft a few weeks ago heading for london from kent, I know what i saw in the sky was not a standard aircraft no navigation lights and totaly silent just a row of lights in a V shape flying slowly, I hope I get the chance to see this thing again and get a picture of it.

  4. On Monday November 7th 2011 at 19:32 hrs, an object in the shape of a V had past directly over my home travelling due East, traversed the sky in approximatley 8 seconds, where it faded out of my view. The object was approximatley 500-1000 ft above me and was very wide. If i were to hold a basketball in front of my face at an arms length ,you would still be able to see about 1/3rd of the object on either side. The night sky was absolutley clear with a full bright moon. The object appeared to be powered by these 3 dimensional discs that as it passed over my head i was able to look directly into it. It reminded me of the tops of the plastic microphones made for kids, where it vibrated when spoken into,the same feature where each fin separated from the other form a circular disc with a hole in the centre. The only thing visible were these disc which were fixated somthing which formed a V. There would have been 4 discs on either side and the 9th disc in the nose all evenly apart, Now the only doubt in my mind is the amount of discs per side was it 3 or 4 i really am not 100% certain, i was to interested in looking into the center of the disc to begin counting them and by the time that thought was in my mind the object was fading out of view and nolonger looked like a V which i account for the angle to which i was seeing it as it moved away.
    I was always a believer that we were not alone, but to have actually witnessed somthing extraterrestial i cant honestly begin to tell you what now occupys my thoughts, why wont they communicate with us but i know why, we are a violent race, they have no time to integrate they made us perhaps combing our native species with somthing else , their own gene or somthing elses.Anyways i dont think they want to help a race bent on moral destruction. I have to stop here with my theories,I noticed anyone i speek to about this i am no longer taken serious so i dont talk much about it but let me tell you i now have a whole knew insite on the UFO thingy,
    I will for certain make claim of its origin for this reason,,, this massive object as fast as it went and as low and clear as i saw it made no sound, not even a vibration, i hear birds wings flap when it flys this V shaped object made no sound, Another thing i found very important was the fact the colour of these discs were a very amber lit red, not a brake light but more of a dimmer red almost like it toned down the brightness as to not draw attention to itself but there it was .
    I dont know what the future holds for mankind, but i think its sad that a race who have been passing throughour sky’s couldnt give a rats ass about us, I strongly believe the goverments know nothing about them that we are not able to know,I really believe they dont care to contact us because of where we are in our evolution, the poor starve the war against fellow man continues the idea that we let corporate whores ruin our living planet for the sake of the dollar is all they need to stear clear of us,
    But i saw you i saw you fly over my house and i saw you try to appear undetected, i saw you and i know your hear,I dont care anymore that we are not imprtant to you, mabey its for the best for both races, but i saw you and i dont think its right that we who have seen you will never be at peace because you choose not to be contacted. For my own sanity i have moved on but i cant help but to look up more than i ever did, and i say out loud but to myself “i saw you fuckers,,,I saw you”

  5. i saw one running down the side of interstate 44 in missouri mile marke 214 i was like where my camera!!

  6. I came across this page looking for glow in the dark birds I was a little drunk last night looking up at the sky it was pretty with the stars I saw a bunch of glow in the dark things flying I thought I was crazy but it looked beautiful they were maybe like 15 of them together I will never forget it

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