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No Search for Fred Noonan Endures, and No Film Shows He is Long Forgotten

Tell me about Fred Noonan. Can you without looking him up? I doubt it. This is another demonstration of how far back the idea of the disposability and unimportance of men goes. This one dates back to the 1930’s. There is no hoopla, no remembrances, no movies, no mention, no search or any thing of the like. I find this particularly interesting because he is one half of a very famous team. Do you know Mr. Noonan now? Probably not. It is like he did not exist. He was part of a flying team. Care to guess now? The title that I used is a parody of the USA TODAY article to announce “Search for Amelia Earhart endures, and new film shows she’s still remembered.” Fred was a very important half of the team and no one knows who he is nor is he taught about to kids in school, only the woman is important. More should be done to mention him because without him it is doubtful that Earhart would have ever contemplated such a trip or completed as much as her world flight as she did . When Earhart is mentioned most people think that she did many great things alone when in fact she first according to her own words admitted that she was either not alone or actually done nothing other than being less than a passenger, “I was just baggage, like a sack of potatoes. …maybe someday I’ll try it alone.”

In my book “That is some bad hat, Harry!”


One Response to “No Search for Fred Noonan Endures, and No Film Shows He is Long Forgotten”

  1. I knew who it was as soon as I read his name and yes he is rarely mentioned when talking about Miss Earhart. A.S.G.

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