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Black Face Vs. White Face

Yes in the past blackface was used often in an unflattering portrayal of the black community. The face of Comedy has changed so much over the years. Apparently a skit or parody of the Jackson 5 on an Ausy TV show caused controversy and it upset guest judge Harry Connick Jr. Most comedy is or has become offensive in one way or another. I find it a bit over sensitive in this day and age when white face is also used. One example is the movie “White Chicks.” Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans in the movie are bumbling FBI agents and end up disguised as spoiled rotten, bumbling, uncultured white women.

It seems to me that both the black and white community were able to laugh at this movie and it was in general about non descript white sisters which equal but opposite of blackface.

What happened on the Australian TV show was a parody of famous people, who are a constant source of ribbing and ridicule. This was not a skit that attacked all black people but rather the famous Jackson 5.

This is much ado about nothing and it seems it is a meager attempt by Harry Connick Jr to show that he is PC and not prejudice. I believe that he is being a little hypocritical considering his music Jazz and Funk and others. Additionally he played “The Reverend” in “ID4” and used a distinct black Southern Baptist like voice. So I am confused by his issue that white people portraying specific black celebrities is offensive and he as a white person portraying a generality of a black Southern minister is not.

The problem that I have with issues like this is that some ethnic groups are off limits to be ridiculed, demonized, or made fun of while others are still fair game like the Germans, Poles, and Russians. Comcast and the “Slowsky’s” are a perfect example. This is true prejudice. Only if everyone is fair game then it is not prejudice.




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