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The Problem with Dora the Explorer

Think about it, this whole show is backwards. Why is it that a Hispanic kid is teaching kids in America Spanish? Dora’s targeted audience should be teaching the Hispanic community English. Americans should not have to assimilate in our country; it is up to the immigrants to learn the language of the land.

How is it that so many forgot that secession was on the table and war was actually a concern over the same subject in Canada. Declare a national language now BEFORE it is too late!



3 Responses to “The Problem with Dora the Explorer”

  1. I fully agree with this. Sadly however the show is made by a private company. Which brings up the whole issue of censorship of the media. I believe that while censorship of any kind is generally bad, and free speech is generally good, there are limits. At a time when half of the country gets its primary education from television, and the same television channels portray Americas image to others around the world, I think that in that case, all content on such channels should be scrutinized.

  2. Roadwolf,

    Do not get me wrong, I am not in favor of censorship, as demonstrated by me letting those that would chastise me here in their comments rather than deleting them. No, instead this was just an observation of how backwards the show is, or is it? See in this world of PC I believe that there is an agenda which is to make acceptable and mainstream a way of life and thinking. This is that it is the inhabitants should accept that they should be the tolerant, those that learn the immigrants, legal or illegal, language and customs and adapt instead of the immigrants adapting the ways and the laws of the land. There has been a nefarious agenda by some that would demonize those who are against illegal immigration by clouding the issue and avoiding the direct issue by making it an issue about immigration and that all Americans are immigrants. They refocus and refine the issue so far that it no longer is what concerns the person who objects. This tactic is to make the person appear as well a jerk and discredits him/her.

    I just wanted to make people realize what was going on besides the capitalism.


  3. You read Jared Taylor eh?

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