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Washington Redskins, No More?

I am so tired of the crap. This is nothing that should have made it to court. What happened to the fact that team names were supposed to strong, something the home team can be proud of, evoke fear into the heart of the other team? Names are not picked because of prejudice; get your heads out of your asses. Names are picked because they are something that everyone can relate to, get behind, did I mention something that fans are be proud to be associated? Yeah because a team name of the purple pansies, or how about a racial epitaph, because we all know that any fan who happens to be racist would back a team with some ethnicity that they despise.

Grow up and stop looking for an easy buck or to get your 15 minutes of fame because no mater what the outcome you are not going to fool everyone. Many will know your true motive and it is not because “redskin” offends you. You will not stop the fans from calling their beloved team “Redskins” or wearing “Redskin” apparel. In fact you will only kill official apparel sales and the bootleg redskin apparel and souvenirs will continue. This you cannot stop. Ever hear of a computer? I know if the skins were my team I would be making my own “Redskins” apparel.



3 Responses to “Washington Redskins, No More?”

  1. Hey fat ass, do you live in Washington? No then shut the fuck up, it’s not your business what we call the fucking team, loser.

  2. NewsGuy, Do you live in Washington? It seems to me that you live in Edmond, Oklahoma so what the hell do you care what Washington calls their team?

    Nice try, close but no cigar.

    Also, use a unique moniker rather than one of my friends names on this board.


  3. […] when the highest court in our nation refused to hear the case against the Washington Redskins. My last article on the subject Washington Redskins, No More? can be read here. Years ago when all this nonsence started with high school teams I was convinced and had a hard time […]

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