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Johnny On “Are Bikers Men’s Activists?”

Below you will see a question directed at me from Captain Courageous

Submitted on 2009/10/04 at 8:46pm
Johnny has posted a thread on SYG titled …

“Are bikers mens activists?”

Can we get your input? Thanks!


I think that this is a very intriguing question. There is so much I can say on this subject but I will attempt to be brief.

In one sense bikers (the harder core) are men’s activists, but not always in a good way. There is a standard that bikers follow that resembles that of days gone by . . . there are gender roles in place and those roles are not crossed. Men are the club members and women are the associates. Men pilot the bike and women ride the bike. Men are the governing body and women are not to have an opinion about that government. The women know this when they become involved in this society and are free not to become involved with a man who is involved if she cannot accept these rules.

Many of these things are not necessarily a bad thing; they are after all just a different life style that people can choose to participate in or not. It is I believe a more regimented and more strictly enforced lifestyle than that of Americas ’40’s and 50’s but a society of gender rules and roles, one loosely reminiscent of the decades mentioned. The strictness of the life style is both its MR advocacy and the reason for strong female rebellion such as the feminists. There is one marked difference however and that is that women have the choice to not be a part of the biker society whereas in the general American society there was a choice also but because it was not the social norm of the grand populace women were met with scorn and ridicule when they chose to break the social norms. There was more pressure on a bigger population to fit these norms and appear to be mom and dad Cleaver. There is no reason for a woman to have to become a part of a biker society. Even if married, she can devoice and move on with her life.

As far as the 99%’ers this is an entirely different society. Many women ride and are encouraged to ride. There are still some men that belong to these biker societies that belong to these groups that desire a society with gender roles that more closely resemble that of the 1% but he will find that many men in the club will disagree with him. He could find himself on the outs with the rest of the club for expressing his feelings.
I take issue with this because if a club wants tolerance then tolerance should be unilateral and not selective lest it not be tolerant at all, it would only be a facade.

What do you think?

Thanks to Captain Courageous for the heads up on this thread.



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