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Jane Velez-Mitchell and Missing Malibu Resident Mitrice Richardson

A woman, Mitrice Richardson, in Malibu disappears from a police station after she leaves of her own free will and it is the police departments fault according to Jane Velez-Mitchell.

The family says that she was impaired and not herself. How could the police know this because they have no point of reference for the woman’s normal behavior? Police said she was lucid and passed a field sobriety test. She was released on an appearance ticket which Curtis Sliwa stated was a “disappearance ticket.” Sliwa states he knows this because he has been arrested 76 times. Has Mitchell or the other finger pointers considered that Richerson may have been acting peculiar because she wanted to get out of her bill and the establishment she was visiting may have let her get away with it over the disturbance that was ensuing? I have seen this played out many times and have heard it from many waitresses’ and it has worked.

The police could not win this one because if they held her the family and others they would have claimed holding her was an impropriety.

Mitchell stated “Were they so busy at 1:30 in the morning that they could not drive her home?” . . . sorry Jane the police are not a taxi service for people who break the law.

Richardson lives with her great-grandmother and NOW the parents are in the picture, I think they see dollar signs. Mom says they want her daughter home . . . really? Then why did she live with great-grand mom?

The police offered Richardson to stay at the station overnight but Richardson declined.

Sliwa stated that “Most people in lock up have mental issues.” Is he admitting to something?

These idiots on MBC are pointing the finger at the police when in reality Richardson may be missing of her own free will because of her sexual orientation and the fact that until now her family did not want to deal with this issue.

Mitchell and NBC have got to stop jumping the gun. They are among the most irresponsible reporters in the business jumping to conclusions without decent evidence and facts.



7 Responses to “Jane Velez-Mitchell and Missing Malibu Resident Mitrice Richardson”

  1. While it’s true that police aren’t a taxi service, releasing people with nowhere to go in the middle of the night is ridiculously stuipd. What do you suppose happens to these people?

  2. Just to clarify some things… Richardson was living with her Great-Grandmother, not because she was estranged from her parents, but because she was preparing to pursue her doctorate in psychology. Her Great-grandmother lives close to the campus, and enjoyed the company.

  3. jeana,

    You are conspicuously ignoring a few facts to make your weak point. Yes, she was released BUT the police told her she could stay. Richardson could also have made a phone call to family, friends, or a taxi for a ride. Richardson chose of her own free will to leave on her own, on foot and it was not in the middle of nowhere she was at a police station.


  4. Chaze,

    Interesting, but where did you find your information?


  5. This woman was an adult, not a child, so she left on her own! I had better sense when I was 10! All she had to do was phone for somebody to pick her up, which I have done myself many times when I was stranded. Everyone likes to blame the police, whenever something like this happens, which is a shame! The police have enough to do, and babysitting is not one of them.

  6. I am Mitrice’s cousin and the police did not let Mitrice know that her mom was coming to the station to pick her up when her mom called the station the police told her that she was released.

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