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HLN Incredible Hypocrisy Again

Today in Chicago a 16 year old boy Derrion Albert, was allegedly murdered because he REFUSED to join a gang. Even my daughter said that is not the way it works but that is another story. A caller to HLN stated how is it that someone can be so insensitive; lack so much humanity that they not only filmed the event but people were giving direction to those filming like "zoom in." Paula Bloom and Mike Galanos both stated "That is a good question." Is it me or am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy here? The media in general is notorious for this type of behavior but they seem to lack the comprehension how any one else can film horrific events. The media are people (loosely) also and they get their employees from the general public. I guess once you obtain a media badge you are exempt from the very same condemnation.


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