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Rich Fan, Poor Fan

Separation of the classes, pure and simple. The rich have privilege and the more modest among us do not.

You are treated differently because of the money you have or spend. If you are in the general population, for alcohol your choice is well 3.2 beer and that is it. If you are in a club you have different selections of booze and you are not cut off at half time. So if you are willing to pay $237.00 a game for 9 games for a total of $2133.00 you are allowed to get soused for the how game. Lord knows we have never seen a belligerent rich drunk but they have the privilege. We all know if you spent less then that you cannot handle your 3.2 beer.

How is it that discrimination in any other form is not accepted?

I do not know about you but to me this is discrimination pure and simple. Make your feelings heard; write your sports teams now before this becomes any worse.


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