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Another False Rape

An 18 year old woman with the intent of getting a man in trouble because she got into a traffic verbal and physical altercation with the man fabricated a story of assault and rape.


Megan McLane, 18, of Dinwiddie Place was charged wit filing a false police report but she was released on a summons. The misdemeanor charge against McLane carries a fine of up to $2,500 and up to 12 months in jail, we shall see if she has to pay the piper or get the typical probation for a crime committed by a woman.


6 Responses to “Another False Rape”

  1. What do you think the punishment should be….should she be beheaded ???

  2. DJ,

    Please do not put words into my mouth. My point is if this case follows most of the prior cases, she will only serve probation or less. This is where I differ in the form of punishment, in the way women are typically treated with kid gloves.


  3. Typically men are guilty of more vicious crimes…..when was the last time you heard of a woman raping a 13 yr old boy…….which she should be punished for……then a few days later they find his body? You did not answer the question what should the punishment be for lying????

  4. DJ,

    Your last comment was non sequitur. When men commit those crimes they face formidable punishment for them.

    You are right women are not typically guilty of more heinous crimes like murder of their own kids for example. With women’s’ rape victims they just keep raping them regardless of a court order or not, many women of which are in a position of power and confidence.

    Women do not shoot sleeping husbands, kidnap, kill, and stuff in a suitcase little girls, poison other family members for insurance money, cut off and or mutilate the genitals of infant boys, castrate men, or generally get away with assaulting a man because of female privilege. Where have you been living, under a rock?

    The punishment is not for lying let us get that straight first, it is the more serious crime of perjury. If you do not understand the difference it is lying under oath. Let us also not forget that this minimized status of lying that you assigned this CRIME was meant intentionally to falsely imprison a person. This person could have and more than likely would have lost his job, his wife, his kids, pay, and never are able to get a good job again. Continue to be chivalrous and I will laugh at you as the very same women that you protected with superior protection through your misguided sense of decency (BTW they wanted equal rights and I am all in favor of giving it to them, good with the bad) run you down the first chance that they get.

    Also, wake up. You never needed to ask the question about the “punishment for lying” for it is answered in the original article and my subsequent reply to you, something more than nothing or probation and up to $2,500 and up to 12 months in jail. Considering what she risked for this man, it is not too much to ask.


  5. You poor men you are so mistreated!!!!! Boo Hoo Most of you carry your brains between your legs keep your pants zipped up and the weiner in its cage and their will be less crime.

  6. DJ,

    Your last comment was non sequitur.

    I too can play your silly little game like you women are so abused boo hoo and most of you do not carry brains at all and if you women could control your alcohol intake and of you can look at your boobies before you leave the house then perhaps that means that they are hanging out too much and will very likely invite attention that you claim you do not want (yeah, right), keep you crotch behind some panties and skirts long enough so that they pass the thumb test there will be less chances that you will attract an “undesirable” man that “thinks” you are a harlot and want sexual attention because of the way you dress, flaunt yourself, loose control willingly by drinking excessively, leading men like this on, etc. there will be less opportunity for crime to take place. This is called personal responsibility. Be an adult and realize that there are bad people in the world, there always will be and you have to take precautions to guard against things like this because it is an adult, real world, responsible thing to do, but as always it is women like you that are so immature that you think that when you there is trouble that came to you that you could have prevented by simple steps it is everyone else’s fault.



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