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Celebrating Mediocrity, Fire Company Boot Drive

This is a statement about society. Perhaps it is not a scientific study but I would bet that if such a study were to be done there would hardly be any differences discovered.

My fire company had a boot drive today to raise funds. My oldest daughter is now a member of the fire company (I am as worried as proud) and never before have I or anyone else for that matter received $2 and then because they see my daughter on the other corner, they donate again and gave her $20. Do not get me wrong I am proud of her but she will get no special attention from me. Less than two years from now I am sure that my son will not receive a secondary donation at 10X the amount because he is a young man dedicated and committed to his community also.

Truly this shows men and women’s worth on the front lines of a very dangerous job. Somehow my inexperienced daughter collected about as much as the other 8 of us combined. Sure she also has looks but it was the comments especially by the women (who by the way hands down rarely stopped to donate, the overwhelming majority of donors were men) of “Are you really a fireman?” “God bless you!” “Hang tough!” “Don’t let them give you any shit!” “You’re so brave!” “Is her really as fireman?” etc.

Funny when you think about it, again I do not mean to belittle my daughter’s contribution to the community but I have been out there nearly 29 years and have not created a stir and she is out in the public eye once and collected nearly half of all the donations. This in reality is the public stating that a female probies worth is much higher than that of a person that has been around for nearly 1/3 of a century. This reeks of feminism and misandry. I am thankful for the donations but it is the way that they came that makes them somewhat tainted. It is or can be demeaning and demoralizing that a probie because she is a woman is valused more by society than a man, 3 of us out there had 20 or more years, sure they could not tell that but it is important. Like it or not it was cruel to the others to recognize a girl with 6 months experience as apposed to 3 men who have more time in the service of others than she has been alive. Combined 3 men there have had about 74 years experience, and it created no stir.

This shows unequivocally that there is no equality between the sexes in fact it demonstrates that when a women does the same thing as a man she is entitled to much more credit, but it is the women who in this society are treated unfairly.

Food for thought, I did not create these standards, I just observed them, do not become angry at me, take a good hard look at yourself and figure out who really created the status quo of what our society has become. Your donations ar appreciated but please realize that the men deserve at least as much credit as the women.


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