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Mulatto, Mulatto, Mulatto

I can keep it up as long as everyone else, including Obama. As long as I am alive, I will not allow history to be written falsely. If this blog survives 20 or more years please believe me when I say that Obama was NOT the first “black” president. His mother was white; this means he is at best half black and half white, mulatto.

You see there were and are so many people that did not care if they voted for the black guy or the woman . . . they just wanted so much to be part of an historic moment and be able to claim that they were a part of that history it offends them deeply to say that Obama is not black because it steals away from them that significance that never existed in the first place.

John McCain was screwed from the get go. There was no way he was ever going to have a chance in hell of winning because the democrats for a change acted smartly, they were sneaky, underhanded, minimized the issues, and maximized the unimportant “Yes we can” I am sorry to say to all you black people and Obama supporter, would have been the battle cry of the democrats even if it was Clinton who won the primary. Sure it is tough to take but you have been duped, they played you for a fool and you rose to the occasion. “Yes we can” would have been used as a slogan to vote for Clinton also as she is a woman and would have was touted as another kind of first that is not a first. The American public clearly demonstrated how stupidly we vote, not for the right person, or the lesser of two evils but because we are easily manipulated by something as simple as let’s make history together. If you cannot see that or refuse to admit it, remember YOU are to blame for the course that this country takes next.

God help us all if you cannot see how you have been duped and if you actually deny the fact that “Yes we can” was thought of the moment that the two primary democratic candidates were a woman and a mulatto. You bent over and said “Please sir may I have another!” I can see the t shirts, it would have had Clintons picture with “Yes we can” on them. If you think not, you are not worthy of having the privilege to vote. I really do not care who you vote for as long as you do so intelligently and not emotionally because of hype. I hate to liken those of you who voted for Obama as lemmings because that is an insult to lemmings for they are much smatter than that or they would not exist today, as perhaps we should not if we really are in general that stupid.

I knew this was going to happen upon asking many people who they were going to vote for as president and overwhelmingly the answer was Hillary or Obama and those that answered that way did not have a clue that was not even a choice. If you do not know what I mean by my last sentence, do us all a favor and do not vote in the next presidential election.


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